C. G. “Hank” Henry

Dear GHAFI members:

From West Houston Airport:

West Houston Airport Acknowledges Passing of Longtime Chief Pilot C.G. ‘Hank’ Henry.
Houston, TX: On Wednesday, August 7th, the longtime, highly recognized, West Houston Airport, Chief Pilot, C.G. ‘Hank’ Henry passed away at the age of 94. Born on January 10th, 1925, in Crossville, Tennessee, Hank was a world renowned flight instructor with over 35,000 hours of flight time most of which was instructing. 
Hank learned to fly at an early age and served in World War II, as crew of the B24 while flying missions over the English Channel. He later managed the Flight Operations for an FBO in Galveston, Texas and went on to become the Chief Pilot/Test Pilot for Navion Aircraft Corporation. His stints included working as mechanic and pilot for Guinn Flying Service in Pearland, Texas. In 1973 he joined the staff at West Houston Airport where he served in various positions including Maintenance Supervisor, Charter Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Chief Pilot, and FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. 
“Hank is an aviation legend teaching generations of pilots, he has students who are now professional pilots at probably every airline around the world,” said Woody Lesikar, Airport Manager of West Houston Airport, “I’ve known him for 60 years, he taught me to fly in the 60’s.” Hank’s credentials included that of commercial pilot with a multi-engine, instrument, Citation, Seaplane and Glider ratings, CFI/AI, Inspector Aircraft and Pilot Examiner. He received the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award and the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award, was inducted into the International Forest of Friendship by the Women’s Organization of the 99s, the AOPA Presidential Award and numerous other recognitions for his accomplishments. Hank had flown over 300 models of aircraft, including Stearman, Douglas DC3s, all Cessna models, Piper models, Mooneys, and Beechcraft products, Taylorcrafts, Ercoupes, Interstates, even a Jenny! During his travels, he has flown many dignitaries and met the likes of Charles Lindberg, Glenn Curtiss, T. Claude Ryan, Dwane L. Wallace, Gene Cernan and numerous others. 
His knowledge of the Federal Aviation regulations was unparalleled by anyone, including FAA personnel. He was a walking encyclopedia of aeronautical knowledge. 
The Airport and its customers are proud to acknowledge his extraordinary memory and the exemplary person that he was and for his contributions to general aviation.